Identifying rocks

1.  What are differences between metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks?
gneous rock , formed by the cooling of magma Sedimentary rocks, formed from the products of weathering Metamorphic rocks, formed by temperature and pressure  2.  What rock did you find the most interesting?  Why? I like graphite. Because it's looks like in a space. 3.  What are grains in the rocks?  can  you show me? a sedimentary rockmight have individual grains of sand held together. 4.  What are the crystals in the rocks?  can you show me? the magma cools slowly, large crystals form in the rock. This can happen if the magma cools deep underground.

Sheets assignment

1. Beaker=measuring the liquid
2. Stirring rod=used to mix and stir solutions

3. Funnal=make pouring easier

4. Evaporating dish= for evarating liquid mixture.

5. Pipette=use to move small amout of liquid chemical.

6. Measuring Cylindar=Use to measure the volumn of a liquid.

7. Watch glass=To hold a solid while being weighed or to cover a beaker

8. Test tube= for holding, mixing and heating small amouts of liquid and solids.

9. Flask= for holding, mixing and heating liquid.

10.Wire Gauze= support the beaker or other.
11.Scarper= easily to move the small amount of solid.

12.O wire= picking up small specimens.

13. Clamp= hold or secure objects to a retrot stand.

14. heat shield= a device or coating for protection from excessive heat.